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Perspectives - Architect versus Contractor

Architects create a best-fit solution for a specific client. Think of the houses that a general contractor builds versus the houses that an architect builds. The contractor's houses will often contain a muddle of styles, based on a solution set that meets most people's needs and desires. The architect, however, creates a best-fit solution for a specific client's needs. The best-fit solution may consist of standard components, but the components are selected to work together in a specific environment. The components also meet specific performance and functional objectives.

Role of the Architect

Business architecture is defined as a blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization.Business architecture is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands. People who develop and maintain business architecture are known as business architects.Business architecture is the bridge between the enterprise business model and enterprise strategy on one side, and the business functionality of the enterprise on the other side.
The term business architecture is often used to mean an architectural description of an enterprise or a business unit, an architectural model, or the profession itself. The Business Architecture Working Group of the Object Management Group (OMG) (2010) describes it as a model of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives with the requirements of execution.
According to the OMG, a blueprint of this type describes "the structure of the enterprise in terms of its governance structure, business processes, and business information." As such, the profession of business architecture primarily focuses on the motivational, operational, and analysis frameworks that link these aspects of the enterprise together.