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eBusiness is about using technology

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that eBusiness is about using technology to facilitate or enable business, and not simply about technology. For this reason, we're not going to try to cover these technologies in detail, or to concentrate heavily on any one type of technology. Although it is important for you as the architect to be aware of the technology and technology issues, you don't have to be a technology guru.
  1. What we are going to do is draw your attention to the technological issues and questions to consider:
  2. Does this solution facilitate or get in the way of possible relationships with other vendors now and in the future?
  3. Is this technology compatible with other architectures?
  4. Can it be integrated with the applications that you now use?
  5. How easy is it to locate and use party resources?

Natural evolution

Natural evolution is the process of optimizing the characteristics and architecture of human beings on earth. Possibly evolving the optimal characteristics and architectures of the living beings are the most complex problems being optimized on earth since the beginning of time. The evolutionary technique though it seems to be very slow is one of the most powerful tools for optimization, especially when all the existing traditional techniques fail. These evolutionary techniques can be used to generate optimal architecture and characteristics of different machine learning techniques. Mainly the two different types of networks considered in this module are
  1. artificial neural network and
  2. polynomial network.
Though lots of research has been conducted on evolution of artificial neural network, research on evolution of polynomial networks is still in its early stage. Hence, evolving these two networks and mining knowledge for classification problem is the main attracting feature.
These and other related issues, will be discussed in this module.