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Planning for changes to Manufacturing Capability

In house growth and outsourcing: The architect's change is to find the extra manufacturing capacity, while monitoring and planning for quality. It is not generally the architect's role to resolve how this extra manufacturing capacity is to be found but it is important that he/she identifies the need for it and ensures that it is recognized and resolved.

In-house growth and outsourcing: While in-house growth is one option, taking the manufacturing requirements outside is another. As long as quality can be maintained, outsouring remains an option.

Ease of change: In addition to build capacity, it may be necessary for the manufacturing plant to be better able to respond to fluctuating demand from eBusiness customers.

Ease of change: The marketing department is likely to wish to explicit this ease of change and experiment with different approaches. In so doing their sources could create the need for a faster reaction by the manufacturing facility.

Changing the manufacturing philosophy: This could create an opportunity for the company to change its manufacturing philosophy.

International standards: Failure to identify these issues before trading commences cojuld result in some very expensive returns handling and customer satisfaction issues.

Technical: If the manufacturing process is becoming increasingly computer driven and the buying process is equally becoming more computerized, it makes sense the two could be linked.