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Marketing for eBusiness

Matching the medium: The message should match the medium. A PC screen is 6-12 inches from the reader. A TV screen is 6 -12 feet from them. What can easily be read on the PC screen is likely to be too small or too complicated for the TV screen.

For example, if the eBusiness solution is using the internet, and if the customer interface is to be interactive television, then the presentation of the Web pages must be different to that used for a personal computer.

Adapting product information: Products have to be represented by pictures and copy (text which describes the product). There is a cost element in producing and refining these. Even a compnay that produces pictures and copy for a catalog may need to adapt their product information.

For example, in a catalog for clothing, a shirt that comes in different colors and patterns may be shown in a picture as a pile of shirts with the various colors and mateials represented as this saves expensive page space.This is not ideal on a website where it would probably be better to show the shirt separately in each colr and pattern on its own page.

Also, in a catalog, photographers may like to frame products with decorative items like plants. This can complicate the picture on a website and make it larger and slower to download.

Copy must meet the customer's expectation: it is also important to realize that the copy must anticipate the customer's requirement for information. In a traditional shopping environment such as a high street shop, many of the customer's questions are answered by being able to physically see and touch the product.

The copy will need to describe the product with dimensions, the material it is made from, its uses and any other pertinent features.