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Roles of Architecture in e-Business

There are also a number of key concepts about business architecture that many organizations struggle with.
There are multiple components that make up business architecture and business architecture comprises multiple components and organizations should adopt those that are most relevant. Each component depicts a different type of information and provides a different type of value. It is not only important to understand the components, but also how they relate to each other.
Generally, there is not one single component, which is more important than another. However, depending upon what the business situation or problem dictates, certain components may provide more value than others. It is critical for a business architect to understand that the same component cannot be used to solve every business problem, but rather each problem is unique and the techniques needed to solve it are unique.
Business architecture is not just about the
  1. strategy,
  2. business process,
  3. business capabilities, or
  4. the data.
It is about putting the pieces of the puzzle together in order to get a complete view of a business problem. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

1) Specialist: The ebusiness architect should have a solid understanding of technologies in general, and internet technologies or ecommerce in particular. He or she should understand how these technologies have developed and how they continue to evolve, and should incorporate a global understanding of the various technical components in the design of the ebusiness.

2) Integrator: The ebusiness architect should gain and maintain a broad understanding of the business and be aware of current business practices and systems.

3) Translator: The ebusiness architect must gain and maintain a broad understanding of the business, and be aware of current business practices and systems

4) Project Manager: Project and plan for the involvement of other business partnerships in the eBusiness activity

5) Facilitator: The eBusiness architect also plays an integral part in presenting the concepts of site design to the internal stakeholders and continuing to facilitate the involvement of outside partners in the eBusiness enterprise